cf_sebForm Presentation and sebtags Beta 2

Today I released the second beta of my sebtags custom tag set. The only major remaining work that I should have before the full 1.0 version is cleaning up and adding some default skins.

On Thursday of this week I will be presenting to the ColdFusion Meetup on one piece of the custom tag set: cf_sebForm. I don't have the presentation finished yet, but I am pretty excited about it.

Here is the description I submitted to Charlie:

The cf_sebForm custom tag simplifies development of simple forms. It separates logic and display, integrates with CFCs, and manages validation. The output is unobtrusive and skinnable.

In this short presentation you will see how to use cf_sebForm to create a simple contact forms, integrate with CFCs, manage validations (both type and business logic), upload files, and reduce spam.

I actually don't think that description does the custom tag justice, but I am still no good at writing those things.

Anyway, come watch me Thursday and you should get a good picture of what this custom tag is all about.

Introducing sebForm

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I watched your presentation (recorded) from the online users group. I found seb tags very interesting, along with some of your other tools (DataMgr).

I had a question in trying to use the fckeditor. Is there a configuration file that must be configured? I'm put your lib folder (containing fckeditor folder) in the root of my site. Skinning and Javascript validation are working fine (also with radio buttons, textarea, etc.). Type ="fckeditor" isn't finding the files correctly and is throwing Firefox popup box errors.

Also DataMgr is very cool. I've been using Reactor in the past.

Thanks for making your work available. Hope that you don't mind too much about answering a few questions. BTW, your documentation has been very helpful in getting started.
# Posted By Sam Singer | 4/25/08 9:00 AM

Thanks for the kind words.

The path to the "lib" folder is in an attribute of cf_sebForm called "librarypath". The default value is currently "lib/". It should really be "/lib/" to point to the "lib" folder in the root of the site. This is one of two or three things that may change before the final 1.0 release.

If you still have trouble, or if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to let me know.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 4/25/08 6:38 PM
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