Connecting to Rate Limited Services in ColdFusion

I often need connect to APIs. These APIs often have usage limitations. Specifically, they have rate limits. That is to say limits on the rate (frequency) with which you can use their APIs.

This means that any code that calls an API needs to know what do in the event that it is at risk of violating that Rate Limit - ideally before (and instead of) doing so.



Like a lot of developers, I we make a lot of external API calls. One thing that can come up when dealing with outside vendors is that sometimes the API connections don't work as expected. On those ocassions, the vender will ask us exactly what data we sent them.

I always want to know the answer.


Return a list of related records in SQL Server

I absolutely love SQL (especially SQL Server) and I love how I continually find new ways to solve problems with it. I wish I could remember where I first found this tip to give proper credit, but I really love it.

Have you ever wanted to return a comma-delimited list of records in SQL Server? It turns out, that it is actually pretty easy to do.

For example, if you have users that can work in multiple regions and you need a list of which regions they work in.


Safer and More Dynamic ColdFusion Page Caching with cf_MrECache

I looked at quite a while back and I liked the idea, but it lacked a little bit of flexibility that I wanted in pursuit of my caching strategy.

I recently covered MRECache and now I'd like to briefly cover a custom tag that is built around it.

At its heart, cf_MrECache just wraps up a block of text (HTML or whatever) that you want to cache and caches it just like cfcache, except that is uses MRECache under the hood. Of course, if that were all that it did then it would hardly be worth making in the first place.


Thoughts on Caching Strategies

I've been thinking about caching strategies for different scenarios lately. I wanted to write down a some thoughts on what seem to have been working for me. Hopefully this will help me organize my thoughts and maybe others can help tell me if my thinking makes sense or if I am missing something.


Pluralizing in ColdFusion

A few (ok, ten) years ago, I needed to generically pluralize English words in ColdFusion. Also, I wanted to be able to reverse that out ("singularize" as it were). This should be a really easy problem: If it ends with an "s" then add "es"; If it ends with a "y" then ditch the "y"; Otherwise just add "s". It turns out, though, that English is delightfully complicated.

So, Pluralizer.

I created it ten years ago, and I've used a fair number of times since. It isn't complicated enough that I've needed to update it much in that time.


Easy Caching in ColdFusion with MRECache

I avoided dealing seriously with caching for more of my programming career than I like to admit. Perhaps the old saw that "There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things." (Phil Karlton) held me back.

Beyond that, though, I think I always had a sense that I didn't like the approaches that I found.

A few years ago, however, one of my clients started looking ahead to a major increase in traffic along with an increase in complexity. So, I needed to look into caching.


Implementing the Observer pattern in ColdFusion with Observer.cfc

Often I want to respond to events in a component, but I don't want it to need to know anything about the component that is taking action on it. This is often when I am using a generic component on my site.

The Observer pattern is perfect for this.

I didn't find an existing Observer implementation in ColdFusion that I loved and I wanted to try my hand at it, so I created Observer.cfc.


Beany.cfc: Part 2

I wrote earlier about my Beany component for handling Beans (especially immutable ones) easily. I thought this time I'd just cover a few extra little features that I've added to it to make it a bit easier to use.



Despite not being a big fan of Beans generally, I do find that there are situations in which they are useful. One of those is as configuration objects to pass in to a component. I can add the data in one packaged set.

In reading about Clojure recently, one of the big advantages of Clojure is immutable variables. I wouldn't want immutable variables in ColdFusion all of the time, but it would be really nice sometimes.


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