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It looks like my "one new Neptune program per month" goal got missed by a bit. I am going to blame a combination of cf.Objective, a recent vacation and associated upsurge in work.

In any event, here is the program for June (with only days to spare). RSS Reader is a simple program to get RSS feeds and display them on your site. While you could certainly use <CFFEED>, it is slow to get feeds on every page request and <CFFEED> sometimes has bugs (RSS Reader itself uses Ray Camden's rss.cfc under the hood).


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Are you able to re-title the "Neptune Required" projects that you are uploading to Riaforge so that users can instantly identify that a special framework is required in order to use it?

The Mango Blog plugins are all doing this and it makes them easier to find and/or ignore.

# Posted By James Moberg | 6/29/11 9:56 AM

That is certainly something that I should consider. I think the Neptune requirement and Mura plugins are a bit different (apps that require other MVC frameworks don't tend to include those in the title after all).

Still, I can see the utility in that.

Another thing that I have been considering is to include standalone versions that contain everything needed to run as well as isolated versions that can just be dropped into an existing Neptune site.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 6/29/11 10:25 AM
The notification I received from Riaforge stated the following:

RSS Reader (
Author: Steve Bryant
Version: 1.0 Beta
Categories: ColdFusion
Digests RSS feeds for display on site

There wasn't any indication that a special framework was required in the project title or short description. Additional standalone versions would be nice.
# Posted By James Moberg | 6/29/11 10:44 AM

I have never used the notifications feature of RIAForge (clearly, I should). Personally, I think it would be nice if the "requirements" field was included in that. For me, if it needs a database I don't use, for example, that would be a show-stopper as well.

I'll put that suggestion to the site.


# Posted By Steve Bryant | 6/29/11 10:50 AM

I asked, but Ray felt that would clutter up the email too much. Given that there is a lot of space available for the "requirements" field, I can see that potentially being overwhelming.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 6/29/11 3:48 PM
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