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It looks like my "one new Neptune program per month" goal got missed by a bit. I am going to blame a combination of cf.Objective, a recent vacation and associated upsurge in work.

In any event, here is the program for June (with only days to spare). RSS Reader is a simple program to get RSS feeds and display them on your site. While you could certainly use <CFFEED>, it is slow to get feeds on every page request and <CFFEED> sometimes has bugs (RSS Reader itself uses Ray Camden's rss.cfc under the hood).

The RSSReader.cfc takes "interval" as an argument - defaulting to "Daily" (see the "interval" link to see how flexible this interval is). RSS Reader will ensure that the RSS feed is checked and updated with the frequency.

If Scheduler.cfc is available on the site (which it will be if you have the Scheduler program installed), that will be used to handle the feed update. If not, then RSS Reader will check for updates on the interval every time that data is requested (the check is very fast unless the interval has expired).

The Neptune program specs for RSS Reader:

Size (uncompressed) 36.4K (9 files across 2 folders)
  Any Version Current Version
Installations 1 1
Time 1 week 1 week
Configurations Used Standard Standard
Supported CFML Engines
Engine Tested?
ColdFusion MX 6.1  
ColdFusion MX 7  
ColdFusion 8 YES
ColdFusion 9 YES
OpenBD 1.X  
Railo 3.X  

As you can see, RSS Reader is brand new and not much used yet, so it likely still has some bugs in it. If you find them, let me know and I will do my best to crush them quickly.

RSS Reader is open source and free for any use and can be downloaded from RIAForge.

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Are you able to re-title the "Neptune Required" projects that you are uploading to Riaforge so that users can instantly identify that a special framework is required in order to use it?

The Mango Blog plugins are all doing this and it makes them easier to find and/or ignore.

# Posted By James Moberg | 6/29/11 9:56 AM

That is certainly something that I should consider. I think the Neptune requirement and Mura plugins are a bit different (apps that require other MVC frameworks don't tend to include those in the title after all).

Still, I can see the utility in that.

Another thing that I have been considering is to include standalone versions that contain everything needed to run as well as isolated versions that can just be dropped into an existing Neptune site.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 6/29/11 10:25 AM
The notification I received from Riaforge stated the following:

RSS Reader (
Author: Steve Bryant
Version: 1.0 Beta
Categories: ColdFusion
Digests RSS feeds for display on site

There wasn't any indication that a special framework was required in the project title or short description. Additional standalone versions would be nice.
# Posted By James Moberg | 6/29/11 10:44 AM

I have never used the notifications feature of RIAForge (clearly, I should). Personally, I think it would be nice if the "requirements" field was included in that. For me, if it needs a database I don't use, for example, that would be a show-stopper as well.

I'll put that suggestion to the site.


# Posted By Steve Bryant | 6/29/11 10:50 AM

I asked, but Ray felt that would clutter up the email too much. Given that there is a lot of space available for the "requirements" field, I can see that potentially being overwhelming.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 6/29/11 3:48 PM
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