SQLi Results: No Errors

It has been interesting to see the results of the recent series of SQL injection attacks. I have been using <cfqueryparam> for all dynamic data for years, so I wasn't worried about the SQL injection. Still, even for sites with <cfqueryparam>, error email messages remain a problem.

Although I have gotten some errors from some sites, none from my newer sites. The reason is that earlier steps I have taken prevent errors from invalid URL variables.


A Handful of Code

In my last post about page controllers, Jason Holden asked on which pages I use page controllers. This is a great question and speaks to a larger issue of code organization that applies to CSS and JavaScript as well.


Page Controllers: One Year Later

Just over a year ago, I started using Page Controllers. I blogged about the experience in the first weeks, but since then have let the topic slide. After a year of using them, it seems like a good time to report on my opinion with the benefit of experience.


John Farrar on COOP

Yesterday John Farrar presented to the Online ColdFusion Meetup Group on his forms custom tag set, COOP. Actually, he describes it as a framework to separate page markup from processing logic.


Using a Page Controller to simplify AJAX

While working on a form that makes use of some simple AJAX, I discovered that using a Page Controller can make this easier - especially when combined with JSMX.


A ColdFusion Page Controller

A hate to admit it, but ever since I stopped using Fusebox a few years ago, I have been without a controller. I had my view separated from my model, but no controller to be seen. In fact, I even questioned the need for a controller on most of my projects (while seeing how it could help on larger projects). I was all ready to write a "Do I need a Controller" blog entry.

And then...


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