SQLi Results: No Errors

It has been interesting to see the results of the recent series of SQL injection attacks. I have been using <cfqueryparam> for all dynamic data for years, so I wasn't worried about the SQL injection. Still, even for sites with <cfqueryparam>, error email messages remain a problem.

Although I have gotten some errors from some sites, none from my newer sites. The reason is that earlier steps I have taken prevent errors from invalid URL variables.

The Page Controllers that I use have their own param() method that works mostly like <cfparam>.

It has three arguments:

  • name: The name of the variable
  • type: The variable type
  • default: The default value

The big difference from this to <cfparam> is that <:cfparam> throws an error if the variable exists but isn't of the appropriate type whereas the param() method of the Page Controller will just go ahead and set the default value.

I would love it if this behavior was available as an option for <cfparam> as well.

Although this is my preferred technique, on some older sites I relied on try/catch:

   <cfparam name="url.id" type="numeric">
      <cflocation url="index.cfm" addtoken="No">

A cleaner approach that I have also used is Val(), which is effective in preventing errors:

<cfif isDefined("URL.id")>
   <cfset URL.id = Val(URL.id)>
   <cfset URL.id = 0>

You can read more about Page Controllers or view PageController.cfc. Even if you don't like the concept of a Page Controller, I think the param() method is still useful by itself.

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