Adding Fields to StarterCart

Every shopping cart that I have tried or reviewed has some generic fields in their products that are meant to handle any product data that wasn't otherwise covered by their existing fields. I never liked this approach. It makes the GUI user somehow responsible for data structure and probably doesn't eliminate the need for custom code anyway.

With StarterCart, I took a different approach. Instead of having several product fields as well as some generic fields, I have only the bare bones - fields for the name, price, description. I honestly debated about whether or not to include a description field.

So, how do you add fields?


New Open Source ColdFusion Shopping Cart

I have tried a handful of ColdFusion shopping carts and I have never been happy with them. They tend to do more than I need, but not in the way that I need it. That they don't work quite as I need isn't a problem. That they are difficult to modify is.

After a few frustrating experiences, I finally decided to build a shopping cart the way I always wanted one to work. The real difference between this cart and others is that it assumes that you will have to modify it. Rather than give you 90% of what you need and making it hard to do the other 10%, it gives you closer to 60% of what you need, but makes it extremely easy to get the other 40%.

The result is a free, open source, shopping cart program that I call StarterCart. While it is very slim on features, it does provide some significant advantages over other shopping cart programs that I have seen.


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