Unobtrusive Javascript

I was reading through Bill Rawlinson's blog and in two different entries he mentions Unobtrusive Javascript. I had to check it out.

After reading about it, I have to say that I am thoroughly amazed. These are thoughts that I had been having about JavaScript in a general sense, but taken to a level that I hadn't yet reached (or, let's be honest, gotten very close to). From now on, my goal in writing JavaScript will be to meet those guidelines.

In short, Unobtrusive JavaScript is an an attempt to separate functionality from HTML so that functionality doesn't polute the mark-up. This is for essentially the same purpose as separating styling from HTML. It should also make sure not to hinder a page from working when JavaScript isn't available or get in the way of accessibility.

Read about Unobtrusive Javascript.

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Your reaction was the same as mine when I first encountered it. It is very cool, very powerful stuff. Glad to see another convert :O)

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