New ColdFusion Users Group

The group isn't technically new, but the focus is. The Tulsa Macromedia Users Group is now the Tulsa ColdFusion Users Group. The code for the site is freely available as well.

The Site 

Following the idea I got from Ben Nadel's Skin Spider, I am releasing the code as I work on it. The feature set is pretty thin right now. I can manage users, meetings, presentations and downloads. I want to add a forum (Ray's Galleon forum seems to have a visual conflict with the CSS on my site which I need to fix) and CMS (I have one that I need to clean up a bit).

Feel free to download the code to see an example of what I consider to be a good approach to a basic site. I would love to get any feedback.

The Group 

More significantly, if you or someone you know is in the Tulsa area, let them know about the group. Our inaugural presentation is on extending the CF Administrator and will be by our own Jason Holden.

I would like to start scheduling presentations a few months in advance if possible. If you would like to present to our group (either in person or via Breeze/Connect), let us know .

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