CodeCop and Layout Components

CodeCop has reached release candidate stage. I am still not thrilled with my installation code, but it works pretty well. It also makes for a good example of using several of my components (including layout components and DataMgr).

CodeCop will check your code and report possible problems. The rules that it uses to determine possible problems are completely configurable from within CodeCop itself. You can also share rules packages with other developers (I am hoping to set up a place to facilitate this sharing on my site soon). 

If you have a suggestion for keeping the installation as clean and user-friendly as it is, but make the code cleaner, I would be interesting in hearing it (look in install.txt to see the installation instructions).

CodeCop uses the DataMgr 2.0 (which is still in Beta - hoping to get that into release candidate stage before the end of the year) as well as layout components.

I hope to have a full entry on using layout components out later this week (was hoping to include that in this entry, but running out of time). 

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