DataMgr Goes Gold

The DataMgr component for simplifying basic database interactions has now reached version 1.0. The component has been in use on production sites for about a year.

Recent changes include a handful of bug-fixes and small improvements (most of which are courtesy of Kenton Gray). One small enhancement is the ability to add "seed data" to a table upon its creation when using loadXML (for more information see the DataMgr documentation and the XML Schema for loadXML).

DataMgr currently supports MS Access, MySQL, PostGreSQL and SQL Server. It is easy to add isupport for other databases as well. I hope to add support for Oracle at some point in the future. I would be willing to help add support for other databases as well.

You can find documentation (including links to other blog entries) and the download for the DataMgr component on the ColdFusion Components page of the Bryant Web Consulting web site.

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In getDBTableStruct() the following error is produced.

Object of type class java.lang.Class cannot be used as an array

The error occurred in xxx: line 17

15 :    
16 :    
17 :    
18 :       
19 :       
# Posted By I Rz | 2/22/06 2:43 PM

Thanks for pointing that out. I had failed to notice that the technique I was using to retrieve metadata in MS Access only works in ColdFusion MX 7 (and is really guessing even then).

This is largely a deficiency in MS Access, but I will work to get it corrected as soon as I am able.

Sorry for the trouble.
# Posted By | 2/28/06 1:23 AM
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