DataMgr 1.2 Released

As a result of Ray Camden's coding contest, I made some changes to my DataMgr that have resulted in a new release.

Since Ray extended the deadline a day, I ended up wasting even more time on the project than I already had. Fortunately, I added a feature today to DataMgr and the project entry that I am very proud of.

I won't show my project entry until Ray has reviewed it, but I will talk about the new features in DataMgr.

Least exciting is a series of small bug fixes.

More exciting is that DataMgr has some new deployment options. It is no longer required that call DataMgr from com.sebtools (though I would still suggest it).

You can also pass the database in to DataMgr instead of having to call the DataMgr component for that database directly.

So, where you had to do this to load DataMgr using MS SQL with a datasource of request.dsn:
<cfset DataMgr = CreateObject("component","com.sebtools.DataMgr_MSSQL").init(request.dsn)>

You now have the option of doing this instead:
<cfset DataMgr = CreateObject("component","com.sebtools.DataMgr").init(request.dsn,"MSSQL")>

Added today is the ability to ask DataMgr what databases it supports in its current installation.
<cfset qDatabases = DataMgr.getSupportedDatabases()>

This will return a query of the databases supported by DataMgr.

It asks for this information from the DataMgr components in its directory. So, if you don't have DataMgr_MYSQL.cfc installed, it won't return MySQL in the query. If you add that file and reload the DataMgr component, it wil be in the query.

DataMgr will also now report the SQL it used if it fails to create or alter a table or tables.

Taken together, this allowed me put together an installation for my project that I am really proud of (more details on that later).

DataMgr is free and open source.

Free free to read about and download DataMgr or watch presentations on DataMgr.

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