CodeCop Beta

I uploaded a new build of CodeCop to my site this weekend. It fixes some bugs that have ben reported and adds a few new features as well.
I have improved the installation instructions a little bit per Ray's advice. I still need to separate the installation files. Given that this program basically provides that keys to the castle for anyone with access, the security implications of that aren't a major concern on this program. Even so, I plan to address it.
To reiterate about security for the program. Anyone that has access to it, has complete access to your system. Guard access to this program fiercely.
CodeCop will check your code for potential issues using rules which are completely configurable. You can arrange the rules into packages which you can share (via an XML file) with other developers who can import them into their copy of CodeCop.
It will install itself on any database supported by DataMgr (currently Access, MS SQL, MySQL, PostGreSQL). It will run in the ColdFusion Administrator or on its own in CFMX 6.1 and above.
One new feature in this build is that CodeCop will introspect any CFC that it reads and provide documentation for it, including the ability to link directly to the code for any method.
Read Ray Camden's review of CodeCop (as an entry in his Advanced ColdFusion Contest).
Download CodeCop

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