Our First Breezo

Our user's group had our first Breeze presentation this week. Not having any experience with Breeze (other than attending several Breeze presentations), I was a little nervous about what trouble we would run into.

As it turned out, the set up was really easy and the presentation went off without a hitch.

More significantly, however, Peter Farrell did a really good presentation. He presented on source control software (mostly on subversion - but the presentation was a good overview of available options). He has a good voice for presenting and his pace and demeanor were perfect for an online presentation.

I have not been using a version control system and even after the presentation I am not sure that I will. I am sure, however, that I will at least look into it and weigh my options very seriously. Before hearing the presentation, I wasn't really sure where to get started on making that decision. Now I feel like I have a good starting point for investigating the possibilities.

If you are in a users group that is in a smaller market (Tulsa isn't quite Dallas or NYC), a Breeze presentation is a great way to get presenters and presentations that you might not otherwise be able to get.

Charlie Arehart just covered Breezos for user's groups in his blog , so you might want to read more about it there if you are interested.

Since I work at home and don't have an iPod (the shame!), I have only listened to one or two episodes of ColdFusion Weekly . After this presentation, I will be sure to find a way to listen to more of them. 


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Steve, thanks for the mention of my blog entry on getting more user groups to use the available Breeze account, and glad to hear it worked out for you. Did you happen to record it also? You may have noticed I mentioned I'd created a place as well to gather a directory of all such previously recorded presentations, so CFUGs (and individuals) can reuse them more easily. If you did record it, you can add it in at carehart.org/ugtv/?

On a separate subject, about your blog here, do you get any feedback on difficulty distinguishing your hyperlinks from the rest of text? It's *very* subtle, which seems a shame. Some may flat miss them. I see it's a dark green versus the black text of words. Against the white background, the difference isn't too obvious (checked on both IE and FF). Just suggesting it may be worth considering.

Also, I notice that the drop-down above (as we enter comments) that the option offered by default is "I will comment anonymously". Does that mean that despite entering my name and blog that those will not show? This is my first time commenting on a sys-con blog, I guess. (If does ignore my entering the name, I'll note for those who can't tell (from my thanking Steve for referring to my blog entry) this is Charlie Arehart writing. :-)
# Posted By charlie arehart | 9/29/06 1:50 PM

I had meant to record it, but with my nervousness at whether it would work at all and trying to get a remote speak set up while running the meeting, I forgot to do it. Having done one presentations successfully, I am determined that I will record the next one (I think it is actually a requirement for using Breeze for user's groups meetings - oops).

I haven't gotten any feedback about the link colors. As it happens, I have pretty limited control over the design (they give us a choice of templates) and the commenting. Apparently anonymous doesn't prevent your name from showing though.

I have considered moving the blog to my own domain name. It appears, however, that I am stuck in a narcissistic relationship here. I consider moving my blog and then they put my picture on the home page of the CFDJ site. I would love to say that I am too mature and grounded for something like that to affect me - doesn't seem to be the case though.
# Posted By | 9/29/06 2:06 PM
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