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If you liked "Choose your own adventure" books, this may appeal to you. In this case, you have the opportunity to choose what I do on vacation.

In celebration of the return of my brother in law from Iraq, my wife and I are taking him on a cruise. On one of the days of the cruise, they are going to go deep sea fishing. Given that (a) I am not a fisherman and (b) it would probably be nice for him to spend some time with his sister without me around and (c) I have an opportunity to go kayaking (which I have only done once before), I won't be joining them that day.

I have two choices for kayaking and both sound really good. I have tried to decide for myself and failed. So I thought I would take advantage of any blog readers I might have (here's hoping I do!) and get input from others.

Here are the choices:

1) Freeport Kayak and Nature Experience: This is a 6 hour trip involving a bus tour, kayaking, and hiking. We will learn about geology and natural history and see local flora and fauna as well as visit some caves inhabited by local settlers. All in all, this seems like the sort of adventure that I would like to think of myself as enjoying. On the other hand, they recommend bug spray which is a bad sign and I would have to pack some hiking shoes.

2) Peterson Cay Kayak & Snorkel Tour: This is a 5.5 hour trip involving two half hour kayaking trips and some snorkelling among reefs. I like that the kayaking will be in the ocean to reach a destination (my previous experience in kayaking was on the ocean and I loved it). I could see dolphins or something which would be great. On the other hand, I am not that into snorkelling so that would be time that would be of limited enjoyment.

So, those are the choices. My plan is to count up any votes and take the adventure that gets the most votes. Then I will report back on the results upon my return.

What say you?

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I don't much enjoy Freeport. Thus, I figure Freeport Kayak and Nature Experience will suck.

On the other hand, I have had amazing experiences snorkeling and no one can ever seen enough dolphins in the wild.

Thus, I cast my vote for 2) Peterson Cay Kayak & Snorkel Tour

Let us know which you chose and your end experiences!

# Posted By Dan Wilson | 10/24/07 7:10 AM
I choose option 2. But I'm keeping my hand on this page. That way, in case you get eaten by a shark, I can go back and choose option 1.
# Posted By Terrence Ryan | 10/24/07 7:34 AM
Peterson Kay it is!

I will report back when I return.

# Posted By Steve Bryant | 10/25/07 1:22 PM
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