cfdump for JavaScript

I try to avoid blog posts that just repeat what has been said elsewhere, but this is really nice.

I blogged earlier (mid-2005) about a JavaScript version of cfdump. I actually used this recently to help me implement JSMX (which I love!).

I saw an entry today the strikefish blog about another JavaScript CFDUMP which looks great. The advantage of this one is that the output more closely matches the output and behavior of cfdump. I like this in part because the format is familiar and in part because it is a really useful format.

If you just want to see the tool, take a look at JavaScript Dump

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I saw this mentioned yesterday but just took a closer look -- man it rocks.

Nice new design for your blog by the way ; )
# Posted By Bernie Dolan | 2/16/07 7:02 PM

Yeah, I am really glad Jeffrey mentioned that in his blog or I would have missed it.

The design change was somewhat forced on me, but I think I like it pretty well.

Honestly, I like the design for your blog much better - it is nice and clean without being too sparse.
# Posted By | 2/17/07 1:09 PM
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