A New Home for My Blog

I have been planning to move my blog for some time now, but I have always put it off (If there is one thing I am good at, it is procrastination). Fortunately, recent developments encouraged me to do now what I have been intending to do eventually.

The ColdFusion Developers Journal blogs are hosted by Blog City. I have really enjoyed using their software. Among many impressive features, the ability to back-up the data and have it emailed to me. I had to do this one month at a time, but that didn't take too long.

From there, I wrote a script to import the blog entries into BlogCFC (had to put the script in the admin folder and login before I could run into due to use of "roles" in cffunction, but no major hassle).

The comments weren't included in the back-up. I sent an email to Blog City support about this (telling them that I was moving my blog away from their service) and their service representative took the time to email me a CSV file of all of my comments. This won't be as easy to use as I was hoping since the comments include carriage returns and quotes which mess up import scripts, but I was very impressed with Blog City for actively making my transition easy.

As you can see, my new blog is now up and running. I am hoping to import the old comments later and start redirecting old blog posts to the new site (via meta redirects since I don't have access to the server).

P.S. - A big "Thank You!" to Ray Camden for BlogCFC.

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