Scripting IIS: Adding a Web Site

As part of a larger project, I need the ability to add a new web site. Part of this process required that I create a web site entry in IIS. This ended up requiring a bit of research, so I thought I would post my results.

The process mostly uses VBScript from Microsoft. I had to find scripts from two or three places on their site and combine them to get the whole thing to work as I wanted.

The big challenge was to make sure that the web site was created, started, and publicly accessible.

Here is the final function:

<cffunction name="addIISWebSite" access="public" returntype="any" output="false" hint="">
   <cfargument name="destination" type="string" required="yes">
   <cfargument name="SiteName" type="string" required="yes">
   <cfargument name="domains" type="string" required="yes">
   <cfset var AddSiteVBS = "">
   <cfset var AddSiteFile = "#arguments.destination#addsite.vbs">
   <cfset var BatchFile = "#arguments.destination#addsite.bat">
   <cfset var BatchCode = "cscript #arguments.destination#addsite.vbs">
   <cfset var ii = 0>
   <cfset var domain = "">
   <cfset var StartSiteVBS = "">
   <cfset var IP = CreateObject("java", "").getLocalHost().getHostAddress()>
<cfsavecontent variable="AddSiteVBS"><cfoutput>
' Make connections to WMI, to the IIS namespace on MyMachine, and to the Web service.
strComputer = "."
set locatorObj = CreateObject("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator")
set providerObj = locatorObj.ConnectServer(strComputer, "root/MicrosoftIISv2")
set serviceObj = providerObj.Get("IIsWebService='W3SVC'")

' Build binding object, which is a required parameter of the CreateNewSite method.
' Use the SpawnInstance WMI method since we are creating a new instance of an object.
Bindings = Array(#ListLen(<cfloop from="1" to="#ListLen(" index="ii" step="1"><cfset domain = ListGetAt(,ii)>
Set Bindings(#ii-1#) = providerObj.get("ServerBinding").SpawnInstance_()
Bindings(#ii-1#).IP = "#IP#"
Bindings(#ii-1#).Port = "80"
Bindings(#ii-1#).Hostname = "#domain#"
' Create the new Web site using the CreateNewSite method of the IIsWebService object.
Dim strSiteObjPath
strSiteObjPath = serviceObj.CreateNewSite("#arguments.SiteName#", Bindings, "#arguments.destination#")
If Err Then
WScript.Echo "*** Error Creating Site: " & Hex(Err.Number) & ": " & Err.Description & " ***"
End If

' strSiteObjPath is in the format of IIsWebServer='W3SVC/1180970907'
' To parse out the absolute path, W3SVC/1180970907, use the SWbemObjectPath WMI object.
Set objPath = CreateObject("WbemScripting.SWbemObjectPath")
objPath.Path = strSiteObjPath
strSitePath = objPath.Keys.Item("")

' Set some properties on the root virtual directory which was created by CreateNewSite.
Set vdirObj = providerObj.Get("IIsWebVirtualDirSetting='" & strSitePath & "/ROOT'")
vdirObj.AuthFlags = 5 ' AuthNTLM + AuthAnonymous
vdirObj.EnableDefaultDoc = True
vdirObj.DirBrowseFlags = &H4000003E ' date, time, size, extension, longdate
vdirObj.AccessFlags = 513 ' read, script
vdirObj.AppFriendlyName = "#arguments.SiteName#"

' Save the new settings to the metabase

' CreateNewSite does not start the server, so start it now.
Set serverObj = providerObj.Get(strSiteObjPath)

WScript.Echo "A New site called #arguments.SiteName# was created with the path and unique site identification number of " & strSitePath

   <cffile action="WRITE" file="#AddSiteFile#" output="#AddSiteVBS#">
   <cffile action="WRITE" file="#BatchFile#" output="#BatchCode#">
   <cfexecute name="#BatchFile#" timeout="999" />
   <cffile action="DELETE" file="#BatchFile#">
   <cffile action="DELETE" file="#AddSiteFile#">

The "destination" argument is the file path of the site. The "SiteName" argument is the name of the site (as I want it to appear in IIS). The "domains" argument is a comma-delimited list of domain names for the site.

First I create a .bat file to call the .vbs file that I will create.

<cfset var AddSiteFile = "#arguments.destination#addsite.vbs">
<cfset var BatchFile = "#arguments.destination#addsite.bat">
<cfset var BatchCode = "cscript #arguments.destination#addsite.vbs">

When I started developing this, I originally had my batch code as "cscript addsite.vbs". That worked when I executed the .bat with a double-click, but not from CF (as CF executes it from another location). So, I had to specif the full path to the file.

Next I needed to get the IP address of the server on which the code is executing (for my purposes, that is where I need to create the site). Fortunately, Todd Rafferty pointed me to some Java code for this - which is also found in getServerIP() by Robert Everland III.

<cfset var IP = CreateObject("java", "").getLocalHost().getHostAddress()>

As I mentioned earlier, the VBScript itself is a combination of a couple of scripts written by Microsoft and I won't claim to be very good with VBScript. I will point out, however, that the virtual directory is essential in order for the site to be publicly accessible.

After that, it is a simple matter of writing the .vbs and .bat files and using cfexecute to run the .bat file (which will, in turn, run the .vbs code). Then I delete both files.

<cffile action="WRITE" file="#AddSiteFile#" output="#AddSiteVBS#">
<cffile action="WRITE" file="#BatchFile#" output="#BatchCode#">

<cfexecute name="#BatchFile#" timeout="999" />

<cffile action="DELETE" file="#BatchFile#">
<cffile action="DELETE" file="#AddSiteFile#">

The upshot of all of this is that I can now programmatically create an IIS web site. I suspect there is a better way, but I have yet to find it (if you know of one, I would love to learn it). In the mean time, the problem is solved.

Next up, Apache...

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This sounds like a great feature for a developer system. Get a new project and automate creation of dev/test environments in non-manual process we use now. (Hosts file, Set up server on IIS, or Apache, etc.)
# Posted By John Farrar | 12/17/08 12:30 PM
Isn't there a way to use the .net integration to do this?
# Posted By Sami Hoda | 12/17/08 1:19 PM
good timing! i was thinking about it this days and was going to try to find a solution in the weekend LOL
thx man
# Posted By Ed | 12/17/08 1:47 PM

Yes, it does...


I thought so as well (still do, actually), but I wasn't able to figure it out. Most likely, I just missed something really obvious.


Glad the timing worked out! Let me know if you have any questions.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 12/17/08 2:28 PM
i made some small changes to your function, but the description got to be too long, so i made it as a separate post that can be seen here:
# Posted By Ed Tabara | 12/17/08 4:31 PM

I like that change a lot.

As an aside, I had to disable JavaScript on my browser (FF3) to get your blog to load.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 12/17/08 5:04 PM
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