Attractive Forms

I am looking for some attractive form designs. If you have seen any that you like, I would love to have a look at them. I would also like to find attractive data tables and administrative menus.

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Lately I've been using uni-form ( They're pretty slick. I'm also interested in what others are using...
# Posted By todd sharp | 4/8/08 7:50 AM
To add to the Uniform recommendation, I've been using them for a refactoring project. The structure is nice and compliant and easily altered for cosmetics.

Matt Quackenbush has made available some custom tags that make using UniForm a breeze

Good luck

# Posted By Dan Wilson | 4/8/08 8:53 AM
Thanks for the input guys. Just to be clear, I have a custom tag set and I am looking for different skins to offer for it.

Right now it uses Dan Switzer's qForms JSAPI for client-side validation, but I am considering allowing that to be switched out for other options (Uni-Form or Ext, for example).
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 4/8/08 10:26 AM
Ahhh...I get you...sorry...
# Posted By todd sharp | 4/8/08 10:36 AM

My bad for not explaining my needs well. In any event, the reference is still very useful. I like the default look of Uni-Form and I certainly like the way it works.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 4/8/08 10:50 AM
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