CF_BlogPicks May 19, 2008

I decided to use FullAsAGoog this week. As advertised, much higher signal to noise ratio. Still, I think I will use Adobe Feeds (nee MXNA) as well next week to make sure I don't miss anything. Don't forget, new Hot Fix for ColdFusion (thanks Todd Sharp).

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Steve, Thanks for the nod. I appreciate the recognition so early in my blogging career. It was great meeting you at cf.Objective(), and I am really looking forward to spending some quality time learning more about sebForm this summer.

Hopefully I'll see you again next spring at cf.Objective().
# Posted By Jason Dean | 5/19/08 6:37 PM

I didn't even make the connection when I listed the blog entry. I just thought it was a great entry. I really like the whole security series. That is definitely a topic about which I need to know more, so I am looking forward to future entries on the topic.

It was great to meet you! Fun trip to Subway. I will definitely be there next year. That is the only conference I am committed to attending every year (hoping to attend others as well though).
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 5/20/08 6:20 AM
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