CF.Objective 2008 Wrap Up

CF.Objective was great again this year. I learned a lot and met a lot of great people. I learned so much when I went last year that I didn't think I could possibly learn as much this year, but I think I even learned more. The classes were great, but the casual conversations were at least as good.

So many people helped me and I want to give them all a shout-out here. I actually wrote a draft of this entry including that, but it looked like the worst kind of name-dropping.

So I will just say a general thank you for all of the people who took the time to give me advice, show me cool projects, and question my processes. Even if I didn't seem affected at the time, it has all had an impact and I feel like I learned a lot from everyone.

I actually had to skip the last two classes of the conference because I felt like my brain was full and I couldn't learn any more.

It is really exciting to think about all of the ways that I can take advantage of everything that I learned this conference.

I am excited take advantage of everything I learned at this conference and I hope to keep in better touch with the people I talked to at this conference than I did last time. If you talked to me at the conference, I would love to keep in touch, so don't hesitate to drop me a line.

P.S. - Ben Nadel has the best entry to capture the feeling of being at Cf.Objective. I couldn't have said it half as well!

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Great to meet up with you again. It really was an amazing conference!
# Posted By Peter Bell | 5/7/08 7:18 AM
Hi, Steve -- I couldn't agree more. Above and beyond the stellar content, the overall feeling of camaraderie was quite remarkable, and the ability to interact with so many great developers is a wonderful learning opportunity.
# Posted By Ezra Parker | 5/8/08 9:51 PM
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