DataMgr hits 2000 Downloads!

I happened to look at my RIAForge page yesterday and I saw that DataMgr has been downloaded 2,000 times. This doesn't actually encompass all of the downloads as the project had been around since before I put it on RIAForge, but it is still an exciting milestone.

What is DataMgr?

This really inspires me to double my efforts on DataMgr 2.5.

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Awesome! Congratulations and thank you for your efforts and making DataMgr available to the community. It's appreciated :)
# Posted By John Whish | 12/8/09 11:31 AM
Thanks John!

I appreciate the kind words as well as all of your help.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 12/9/09 8:49 AM
Congratulations Steve - way to go :-)
# Posted By Peter Bell | 12/11/09 9:54 AM
Thanks Peter!

I love your new blog.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 12/11/09 12:45 PM
Steve - Congratulations on the milestone! I've begun using DataMgr here in the past few days, and I'm sad and happy at the same time. Happy just for the fact that I came across it, and sad that I just now did so!
# Posted By Kerr | 12/16/09 9:12 AM
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