Closing Down My Local CFUG

This is a bit of a sad announcement, but I have to shut down my local (Tulsa, OK) CFUG today. Since my kids were born last January, the attention that I have given to the group has really suffered. In truth, I probably never put enough effort to it.

In any event, attendance hasn't been good for several months and I haven't made the time and effort to really change things enough. I think if I were going to really turn things around, I would have done so already.

Even so, the group has been around for seven years so I don't consider it a total failure. When I moved to Tulsa in 2002, it didn't have an active group and I resolved to make sure that I did. I hoped to find someone else to run it, but others were too busy. This was, as it turned out, quite a blessing.

The group officially kicked off as the "Tulsa Macromedia Users Group" in September of 2003 and then changes to the "Tulsa CFUG" about three years later partly as a consequence of the Adobe merger and partly just because we were focusing mostly of CF anyway.

I have really enjoyed running the group and enjoyed meeting everyone that stopped by for meetings. I hope I am able to stay friends with the people I met through the group.

While I hope someone will find the time to restart the group, I am really thankful to have had the experience.

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I think as Internet developers, we of all people should be meeting online more.
I often think of running a weekly online group, but never find the time to commit myself to it.
I'm thinking more along the lines of a informal chat session where everyone has microphones and it's an open mic night.
# Posted By Phillip Senn | 10/15/10 9:17 AM

I don't think online meeting can compete with meeting in person. Even so, I would be interested in trying out a group like that if it ever gets going.

I would be happy to help with it as well, of course.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 10/15/10 11:05 AM
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