New Documentation for cf_sebForm (and other SebTags)

I have been blogging about cf_sebForm and its related tags as part of the SebTags custom tag set for some time, but I feel like I have done a pretty poor job explaining their capabilities thus far. I am hoping, however, that the new documentation will go a long way towards fixing that.

The documentation currently consists of about 50 separate pages of documentation that should be a pretty thorough explanation of the capability of this tag set. If you have ever gotten tired of much of the tedium that goes into writing forms and tables (and especially client and server-side validation) then I would encourage you to take a look.

The plan has long been to release the tags as version 1.0 as soon as the documentation was ready. The documentation is ready (though I do keep adding to it), but the tags are not yet 1.0. All that I am waiting for now is for me to keep my hands off of them for three (3) weeks straight. I keep having new ideas for small features that has kept that from happening. Hopefully, however, I will be able to keep my hands off of them long enough to call it a 1.0 version soon.

In the meantime, I would love any feedback anyone has on what to do in the next version (I have some ideas, but it is still pretty loose) or on the documentation.

The SebTags custom tag set is open source and free for any use.

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