DataMgr Released

DataMgr Released

This may be the first release of DataMgr in which I have made no significant contribution myself. This is a small point release, but could actually have a big impact.

This release consists of a few small database-specific bug fixes from the 2.5 branch and two significant enhancements.

Joshua Cyr added the ability for DataMgr to use CFDBINFO internally on ColdFusion 8 or better to determine the database engine. This matters because it avoids a potential error when having DataMgr determine the database (using code Mark Mandel gave me from Transfer - thread) on ColdFusion 9.0.1. So, if you have run into this then this version is definitely for you.

Salvatore Fusto added support for the H2 Database Engine. So, if you want to use H2 this is the version for you. The great thing here is that almost every app I have written in the last few years can now run on H2 and I have never even downloaded it. Very cool stuff!

DataMgr is open source and free for any use. You can see it in action on the DataMgr demonstration or download it from RIAForge.

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