Christian Ready presents on HTML5

The Tulsa CFUG is proud to host a Connect presentation by Christian Ready on ColdFusion Security tomorrow (September 28, 2010) at 12:30 PM central.

The details on are the Tulsa CFUG meetings page.

This is a modified version of the "HTML5: The cool, the really cool, and the 'huh?'" presentation the Christian gave at the last CFUnited to great reviews. For me, HTML5 is high on my list of topics about which I know very little but want to know very much. I'm excited to start learning!

If you are in the Tulsa area, we would love to see you on location where you can pick up some swag and talk to other local ColdFusion programmers. Otherwise, feel free to watch on line.

A big "Thank you" to Christian for graciously accepting the invitation to present to our little group.

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