Finally Biting the Bullet on Git

OK. I am finally going to bite the bullet and start using Git. This has been on my to do list for a white, but I haven't found the time. So, instead of finding the time I am just going to move open source projects that are currently on subversion over to github.

My plan is that I will then learn Git by necessity. We'll see how that works. It is a little scary to just jump in like this, but I have yet to just "dip my toes in the water" so this seems the best way.

That being said, if anyone has any suggestions for best ways to learn Git as I go or tools I can use to make this easier, I am eager to hear about them.

I have a Git repository set up for the com.sebtools package and for my Neptune framework already. More coming very soon.

Here's to jumping in with both feet! I'll try to blog about my progress.

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I'm learning git the same way, by necessity. I used the git tool to import my entire Subversion respository for my largest project into a git repository. I setup the repository on one of my web servers (so I can push/pull) and I'm working with it now, learning how to navigate the branches, etc.

I suggest starting with Bob Silverberg's GIT workflow. Should have you up and running in 10 minutes.
# Posted By TallTroyM | 7/26/11 2:58 PM
I'm about to blog almost the same thing, except more like I switched instead of I'm going to switch. Stay tuned, hope to get it out tonight.
# Posted By Nathan Strutz | 7/26/11 4:58 PM
That's great, Steve! I've started using version control with git a little less than a year ago and it's really been great. I second TallTroyM in recommending Bob Silverberg's series of blog posts on git workflow. I also HIGHLY recommend you read the original blog post upon which Bob's articles were based:

See you on Github!
# Posted By Tony Garcia | 7/26/11 7:56 PM
Thanks guys!

Yep. I actually remember reading Bob's blog and thinking that I would read it as soon as I got into Git. In the meantime, however, I forgot. So I am very grateful that you brought it back to my attention. I am looking forward to reading it. I'm sure it will help me on my journey.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 7/26/11 9:38 PM
Ok, Steve, I blogged my Git experiences. I realize I have a lot more to learn, so I guess this is just step 1 and not necessarily any kind of best practice, but I'll get there some day.
# Posted By Nathan Strutz | 7/26/11 10:14 PM

Good stuff! You are definitely ahead of me on the journey. Do you have any tools that you like so far?
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 7/27/11 10:43 AM
Steve et al, I highly recommend checking out the Pro Git book. You can read the book on the following site or download it in various formats.
# Posted By Aaron West | 7/27/11 11:50 AM
I use TortoiseGit and EGit, and of course the regular Git Bash & Git Gui that you get when you install it. I thought I wouldn't like or want or use the command-line shell, but surprisingly it's been really very helpful.
# Posted By Nathan Strutz | 7/28/11 2:00 AM is a new resource for people wanting to learn git. It is what I would have wanted when I was learning git: lots of diagrams, lots of examples, step by step.
# Posted By Tim | 7/28/11 10:48 AM
Thanks guys! I will be sure to check out all of those.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 7/29/11 11:55 AM
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