Return a list of related records in SQL Server

I absolutely love SQL (especially SQL Server) and I love how I continually find new ways to solve problems with it. I wish I could remember where I first found this tip to give proper credit, but I really love it.

Have you ever wanted to return a comma-delimited list of records in SQL Server? It turns out, that it is actually pretty easy to do.

For example, if you have users that can work in multiple regions and you need a list of which regions they work in.


Safer and More Dynamic ColdFusion Page Caching with cf_MrECache

I looked at quite a while back and I liked the idea, but it lacked a little bit of flexibility that I wanted in pursuit of my caching strategy.

I recently covered MRECache and now I'd like to briefly cover a custom tag that is built around it.

At its heart, cf_MrECache just wraps up a block of text (HTML or whatever) that you want to cache and caches it just like cfcache, except that is uses MRECache under the hood. Of course, if that were all that it did then it would hardly be worth making in the first place.


Thoughts on Caching Strategies

I've been thinking about caching strategies for different scenarios lately. I wanted to write down a some thoughts on what seem to have been working for me. Hopefully this will help me organize my thoughts and maybe others can help tell me if my thinking makes sense or if I am missing something.


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