sebtags 1.0 beta

I have been using my sebtags custom tag set (or parts thereof) for the last three or four years and they are now finally ready for beta.

These custom tags area really three sets of loosely-related tags which I will discuss individually in upcoming entries.


The sebForm tag set was created for adding and updating records, but can be used for any purpose. The forms created by sebForm can interact with CFCs both for data retrieval and for the form action itself. When using the form with a CFC action, sebForm passes in each form field as an argument in the CFC. The sebForm custom tag doesn't know anything about the CFC method and the CFC method need not know anything about the sebForm custom tag.

The form is skinnable and customizable. It is fully accessible and manages both client-side validation and server side validation. It has several built in validations, but these can be customized as well.


The sebTable tag set was created for viewing multiple records at one time. Although it can be used anywhere, it was built specifically for administrative areas of web sites. Like the sebForm tag set, it is skinnable and can interact with CFCs both to retrieve data and to take actions.


Of the three parts of the sebtags tag set, cf_sebMenu is the least mature. If you have CF8, the cfmenu tag set would likely be a better option. If not, then cf_sebMenu is a good option for working with menus for an administrative area of a web site.

More Information

I don't yet have a lot of information about the workings of each tag (I plan to create several blog entries in the near future), but the following resources should be immediately helpful:

The sebtags custom tag set is open source and free for any use.

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Would you be interested in creating (or having us work with you) to create a plug-in library for COOP with these tags?
# Posted By John Farrar | 11/29/07 4:16 PM

I will have limited time to dedicate to that in the next few weeks, but that definitely sounds like something that would be fun to tackle.

I will send you an email to collaborate.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 11/30/07 7:30 AM
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