CodeCop 1.0 Released

Several month ago (back in June, 2006), Ray Camden held an Advanced ColdFusion Coding Contest. The idea was an extensible tool to check ColdFusion code for potential issues.

This sounded pretty fun, so I created an entry (which took much longer than I anticipated). I am pretty happy with the results. Ray liked it as well.

CodeCop will check your code and report problems. The fun part is that, although it comes with some example rules, you can create any rules that you want right in the tool. You can also share packages of rules with others.

It will run in CF6 or better on any OS using any database supported by DataMgr (and if DataMgr doesn't support the database you want, you can add support for that database to DataMgr and then use CodeCop on it).

You can run it from within the ColdFusion Administrator (and thereby gain some functionality) or on its own.

Note that, as CodeCop allows you to read any code on your server and run ColdFusion code that you enter into the tool, it should never be placed where anyone can use it.

CodeCop is free and open source.

You can view screenshots and download CodeCop from RIAForge.

PS - Thanks for the great idea, Ray! 

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but you have to install DataMgr first, right?
# Posted By Michael White | 4/23/07 2:33 PM

Nope. It comes with its own internal copy of DataMgr. No prerequisites to installing CodeCop.

I actually put up a short video of installation here:
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 4/23/07 2:39 PM
I get this error: Element SETTINGSMGR is undefined in a CFML structure referenced as part of an expression.
what did I do wrong? I tried both cfadmin and standalone install
# Posted By Michael White | 4/23/07 2:47 PM
I haven't gotten that one before. Want to send me an email or use my contact box to send me some contact information and we can take a look?

My email address is my first name at the domain name above.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 4/23/07 2:53 PM
By way of update, Michael's problem looks to be resolved. Apparently, I uploaded a bad copy. The new copy (just uploaded) should be the right one.

Sorry for the trouble.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 4/23/07 4:06 PM
Is there a way to add this to an ant for build processes? If not I wonder if it would be possible.
# Posted By Mike Henke | 9/20/07 6:51 AM

Great idea! I don't know much about Ant, but I have been planning on looking into it anyway.

I will research this and see what I can do. Maybe this will be a feature for a 2.0 version.

(If anyone has suggestions on how to effectuate this, I would love to hear them)
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 9/21/07 7:14 AM
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