CodeCop 1.0.1

It has been nearly a year since I released CodeCop 1.0 and I have to admit that I haven't worked on it much since. This new release is primarily to integrate better into the ColdFusion 8 administrator. When installed in the ColdFusion 8 administrator, it will match the styling of that administrator.

I also added support for Apache Derby by upgrading to DataMgr 2.2 (Alpha 2).

I am still working on my feature list for CodeCop 2.0, so if you have any ideas for that version, let me know.

CodeCop can be downloaded from RIAForge and is still open source and free for any use.

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I wondered what happened to that project...
# Posted By Michael White | 3/20/08 11:11 AM
When trying to run a review on a directory with lots of .cfm files,
I keep getting the following error (CFMX 8):

Error Executing Database Query.
The data in this BLOB or CLOB is no longer available. The BLOB/CLOB's transaction may be committed, or its connection is closed.

Any ideas? Directories with only a few files seem to work just fine.
# Posted By Todd Mathews | 4/2/08 2:56 PM

Sorry about that. I meant to mention it here and forgot. That is a bug in Derby 10.2 (which is what is included in ColdFusion 8). I think it is fixed in Derby 10.3 (which I am desperately hoping gets included in the next updater).

In the meantime, you can just switch to another database. Just create a datasource and then go into config.cfm in the root of CodeCop and change the name of the datasource and include the code for the appropriate database:

# Posted By Steve Bryant | 4/2/08 3:25 PM
Should the cfabort in config.cfm be removed or commented out?

Does this look right?

# Posted By Todd Mathews | 4/2/08 4:30 PM
I've tried it with and without the cfabort and no matter what it still
insists on using the Derby datasource. I also deleted the datasource
and CodeCop recreated it again as an Derby datasource again.

Any other ideas?
# Posted By Todd Mathews | 4/2/08 5:21 PM

The new Application.cfm file did the trick. Thanks for taking the time to
sort this out and get the problem fixed.

# Posted By Todd Mathews | 4/3/08 11:57 AM
Hi Steve,

you might wanna add in the install.txt that you actually have to ADD the database type and datasource you choose to use for codecop in the config.cfm
'Cause only choosing the datasource in the first screen of codecop DOESN'T work. I've got some screenshots to mail you but no e-mail address to mail them to ;-)
# Posted By Sebastiaan | 12/23/08 1:52 PM
Using it for the first time, and when selecting a folder I get the same error as mentioned in the comment above:

The web site you are accessing has experienced an unexpected error.
Please contact the website administrator.

The following information is meant for the website developer for debugging purposes.

Error Occurred While Processing Request
String index out of range: 0

The error occurred in ...\CFIDE\administrator\CodeCop\sebtags\sebForm.cfm: line 779
Called from ...\CFIDE\administrator\CodeCop\sebtags\sebForm.cfm: line 756
Called from ...\CFIDE\administrator\CodeCop\sebtags\sebForm.cfm: line 755
Called from ...\CFIDE\administrator\CodeCop\sebtags\sebForm.cfm: line 753
Called from ...\CFIDE\administrator\CodeCop\sebtags\sebForm.cfm: line 326
Called from ...\CFIDE\administrator\CodeCop\sebtags\sebForm.cfm: line 233
Called from ...\CFIDE\administrator\CodeCop\sebtags\sebForm.cfm: line 233
Called from ...\CFIDE\administrator\CodeCop\index.cfm: line 35

777 :                </cfloop>
778 :             </cfif>
779 :             <cfinvoke component="#attributes.CFC_Component#" method="#attributes.CFC_Method#" argumentcollection="#argCollection#" returnvariable="CFC_Result"></cfinvoke>
780 :             <!--- So that result from CFC can be passed to next page. %%Need to add to docs --->
781 :             <cfif isDefined("CFC_Result") AND Len(CFC_Result) AND attributes.forward CONTAINS "{result}">
# Posted By Sebastiaan | 12/23/08 1:55 PM

maybe you can edit my comment and make it a bit more "global" - I realize i've submitted a bit too much info with the full paths and all - thanx ;-)
# Posted By Sebastiaan | 12/23/08 1:57 PM

It looks like your issues are resolved in version Sorry for all of the trouble. Let me know if you have any more difficulties.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 12/24/08 5:53 AM
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