Can I Play on Your Database?

With the release of the second Alpha of DataMgr 2.2 (What is DataMgr?), I am nearing feature completion for that version. What I would like to do now is add support for more databases. If you have wanted to take advantage of DataMgr, but you are using a database that isn't currently supported by DataMgr, then let me know.

If you can give me access to a database on your DBMS, that would be even better. I only need enough access to set up a datasource on my local box to point to a database running on your DBMS (with CREATE rights). I will do my best to add support for any relational database to which I can get access.

The current build of DataMgr currently supports the following databases:

  • Apache Derby
  • MS Access
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostGreSQL

With your help, I can hopefully add support for more databases before the final release of DataMgr 2.2.

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Hey, sounds great. Do we have a projected release date? (Where can we get the current work in progress?)
# Posted By John Farrar | 3/15/08 7:07 AM

I don't have a release date, but the only new database support that has been requested is Oracle so hopefully it won't take too long to get to beta.

In the meantime, feel free to download the Alpha:

If you want access to the bleeding edge release, that is available now as well:

# Posted By Steve Bryant | 3/17/08 6:21 AM
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