CF_BlogPicks September 29, 2008

September ends with a great and varied selection of blog entries, from object instantiation performance graphs to some great how-tos.


Loving QueryParam Scanner

When the recent spat of SQL Injection attacks starting hitting the ColdFusion community recently, I actually felt pretty safe. I thought to myself, "I have been using <cfqueryparam> for years. Every query that I have written since before I started working for myself has been safe from SQL injection attacks."


CF_BlogPicks September 15, 2008

Sorry this is a day late (out sick yesterday). Out of a great selection of entries, my bias for discussion of HTML (still the lingua franca of the web) seems to have impacted my choices a bit this week.


CF_BlogPicks September 8, 2008

I don't know what got in the water this week, but the selection of blog entries was amazing. It was really hard to pick just five.

The easiest pick, however, was Charlie Arehart's entry on CF411. Although this is really a renaming of existing resources, it is still a tremendously valuable resource for any ColdFusion programmer.


sebtags 1.0 RC2 for ColdFusion 8.01

Like a bolt from the sky, forces have converged to alert me of sebtags incompatibility with ColdFusion 8.0.1. As CodeCop runs on sebtags, that meant that CodeCop wouldn't work on ColdFusion 8.0.1 either.

Fortunately, the problem was easy to fix. While I was at it, I wrapped up a few other small bug fixes and enhancements for sebtags and put it all together as sebtags 1.0 RC2.

I also updated CodeCop to use the newest version of the custom tags, giving it a version of

So, everything should run now on ColdFusion 8.0.1.

Sorry for any trouble.

CF_BlogPicks September 2, 2008

Yesterday was Labor Day here in the states, hence this post on Tuesday. Google has announced Google Chrome, a new browser. It looks interesting.


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