XPath is (almost) Perfection

A good friend of mine has recently been educating me on the advantages of Functional Programming. As part of that, he has demonstrated some pretty nifty examples of LINQ in C#. When I first heard about LINQ, I wasn't impressed. Having seen his examples of using LINQ for Functional Programming, however, I now see the advantage.

The consequence of this is that I now find it ugly to have to do loops just to get a subset of data. I want to just be able to describe the data that I want.


I must Try Usability Testing

Last week I read two books that combined to convince me that I need to start really pushing usability testing.

I have been encouraging clients to do this for some time now, but in the small voice "it might be a good idea, if you have the budget" way. Needless to say, that hasn't gotten any traction. I believed in it, but I didn't believe in it.


CF_BlogPicks August 25, 2008

No major news this week, but a varied selection of great blog entries of use to any CF developer.


CF_BlogPicks August 18, 2008

Another week of great entries - very hard to whittle it down to five this week.


SQLi Results: No Errors

It has been interesting to see the results of the recent series of SQL injection attacks. I have been using <cfqueryparam> for all dynamic data for years, so I wasn't worried about the SQL injection. Still, even for sites with <cfqueryparam>, error email messages remain a problem.

Although I have gotten some errors from some sites, none from my newer sites. The reason is that earlier steps I have taken prevent errors from invalid URL variables.


CF_BlogPicks August 11, 2008

This week saw more news about SQL Injection attacks as well as some discussion about making sure you can get work in the future.


Introducing cf_sebTable

Over the years, I have had to create countless administrative data tables. Most of them are similar to one another. A few years ago, I saw that my friend, Tim Jackson, had created a custom tag to manage this. I thought the idea was brilliant, but I felt that the implementation could be improved.


CF_BlogPicks August 4, 2008

More great posts this week, of course. Don't forget to read all of the comments!


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