Galleon on DataMgr

I recently noticed that Galleon has been used as a sample application for a few frameworks. Showing a complete lack of originality, I decided to do the same thing with DataMgr on Galleon. Where relevant, I changed the code from cfquery calls to DataMgr calls. The goal was to change only the business layer internals and leave the rest of the code unchanged.


CF_BlogPicks July 28, 2008

This week <cfqueryparam> dominated the discussion due to SQL injection attacks that targeted ColdFusion sites. Sites using <cfqueryparam> were safe, others not so. If you haven't taken the time to get to know <cfqueryparam>, now is the time.

A lot of great entries were written on <cfqueryparam> this week, so I chose a few of the ones I thought to be most helpful.


DataMgr 2.2 Beta 1

This is the first release of DataMgr wherein I can't take credit for any of the new features. Although this is a beta release, it should be pretty stable as I am running all of my live sites on it.

(What is DataMgr?)


sebtags 1.0 Release Candidate Released

After years of working on my sebtags custom tag set, I think it is now stable enough to put it in release candidate stage. If all goes well, this will exactly match the final release which will come out soon.


CF_BlogPicks July 21, 2008

This week has had a tone of great entries, it was really hard to whittle them down to five. The big take-aways from the week: Use unit testing and cfqueryparam.


Why I Don't Do OO

This is an entry that I have been intending to write for some time. I keep putting it off. Perhaps because I don't think I will explain myself well, perhaps because I don't want to be flame-bait.

T.J. Downes recent entry "Why Aren't More CF Developers Using OO Methodologies and Frameworks?" made me decide that now is the time.

He asked those of don't use OO to explain why, so I will do my best to explain why I don't.


CF_BlogPicks July 14, 2008

This week CAPTCHA is broken, RIAdventure is announced and other great entries.


DataMgr "All" for Many-to-Many Relationships

In my last post, I explained how I use an "all" field in combination with a many-to-many relationship to indicate that one record is related to any/all records in the related table (even if new records are added later). I have been using that technique for about three years now with very good results.

In fact, this worked so well for me that I added a feature into DataMgr 2.2 to handle it.


Many-to-Many Relationships and All

Most of us have deal with many-to-many relationships from time to time. This is generally easy. What happens, though, when the client wants some items to be available to all members of the related table?

For example, I might have some articles that are only available to users with certain permissions.

If that were the case, then I might have an articles2permissions table. Then I might pass in a comma-delimited list of permissions when retrieving articles:


CF_BlogPicks July 7, 2008

This week has some really good blog entries on basics of ColdFusion with which we should all be familiar.

I also got my new MP3 player this weekend and listened to the first episode of CFConversations. I think they are off to a great start!


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