An Introduction to Writing Unit Tests (with CFUnit)

In our last user's group meeting, we had a round table discussion about testing. I said that I would put together a simple example of a unit test.

Since I have been using CFUnit so far (MXUnit looks attractive as well though), that is what I will use for my example. The principles should work the same for any common testing framework.


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Hey Steve,

Great post. I'm ashamed to admit that prior to reading your post I hadn't written a single unit test in my career. It's something I've known I should be doing for a long time, and I'd read all about it, but just couldn't seem to get myself started.

Thanks to your post I can now say that I actually have written a unit test (using MXUnit, btw), and will continue to do so.

Thanks for the kick in the pants ;-)

# Posted By Bob Silverberg | 7/2/08 8:42 PM
broken image immediately after "This yields the following result" ?

otherwise, thanks for the great post
# Posted By duncan | 7/3/08 5:20 AM

That is great news! Glad I was of use.


Thanks for the catch. That is fixed now.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 7/3/08 5:38 AM
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