CF_BlogPicks June 30, 2008

This week has another great assortment of blog entries on a wide selection of topics including a couple of authors that haven't appeared on the list previously (whose last names I was unable to find).


CF_BlogPicks June 23, 2008

This week had CFUnited and plenty of news came from that. Consequently, I will have the normal top picks and then a few bonus categories related to CFUnited.


Slow Table in SQL Server? Re-Index it!

One of my sites has started getting sluggish lately. I thought it was just that the traffic was increasing and so I should optimize my code. Then, in the last couple of weeks, I had a 3AM scheduled task crash a few times. This weekend, I had a simple query with one row and one column take several minutes to execute even from the SQL Server Query Analyzer. This is getting weird!


CF_BlogPicks June 16, 2008

This week one ColdFusion podcast goes and a new one arrives, as ColdFusion Weekly stops after a great two year run and CFConversations gets started.


Components and CFTHREAD

If you are already using CFCs and you know about CFTHREAD then there is nothing for to see here, move along.

I was in a conversation with another developer recently about the advantages of CFCs. I felt that I did a poor job explaining the advantages.

Yesterday, I used CFTHREAD for the first time and in so doing ran across a great example of one of the advantages of CFCs.


sebtags Beta 3 (joy of open source)

I have the third beta of my sebtags custom tag set ready now at RIAForge. I spent a lot of time fixing how things worked in ways that I have intended to fix for a long time, but was not properly motivated to do so. Nothing like releasing something to the public to motivate you to clean things up. The code is still ugly, but the functionality is what counts.


CF_BlogPicks June 9, 2008

This week saw the long awaited release of Transfer 1.0 as well as the announcement that CFML Engine, Railo is going open source. Blog entries for the week include great discussions on SQL and on commenting.


Lists, Email Addresses, Regular Expressions

In belated celebration of the newly declared "Regular Expression Day", I thought I would cover just one of the many way in which regular expressions makes my life easier.

When I read Ben's entry and saw that he uses regular expressions every week, I thought "I don't use them that often". Within in hour of that thought, however, I was on the phone with a fellow programmer discussing a problem for which regular expressions was a great solution.


CF_BlogPicks June 2, 2008

This week saw some continuation of last weeks discussions as well as some really useful posts about performance when dealing with data.


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