DataMgr 2.2 Beta 1

This is the first release of DataMgr wherein I can't take credit for any of the new features. Although this is a beta release, it should be pretty stable as I am running all of my live sites on it.

(What is DataMgr?)


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Great work Steve! I really glad that I could contribute in a very small way to a great project :)
# Posted By John Whish | 7/26/08 9:50 AM
OK... any update docs for these new features? (Or is this just a teaser? LOL)
# Posted By John Farrar | 7/28/08 8:15 AM
John Whish,

I really do appreciate your input. It really helped me see a new perspective. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts in the future.

John Farrar,

The features are working, but no docs outside of the blog entries yet. I will certainly get the docs updated before it goes into full release though.

If you see anything that I haven't explained well, let me know and I will at least blog it.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 7/28/08 9:57 AM
@Steve, you're welcome! I'll be interested to know what DataMgr users think of the updateRecords and deleteRecords methods.
# Posted By John Whish | 7/29/08 1:50 AM
please some updated docs...


I'm losing track on all the new features...
Good Job Steve!
# Posted By sal | 7/30/08 8:46 AM

Yeah, documentation is certainly moving up on my list of priorities...
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 7/30/08 4:29 PM
Great Steve,

good job.

I am becoming datamgr addict

# Posted By Andrea | 8/2/08 12:36 AM

DataMgr is wonderful. I haven't used advanced features of v2.1, or tried anything considered tricky. But DataMgr works in Fusebox very nicely, without having to rewrite the plugin. I can't tell you what a relief that is!
# Posted By Jeff Knooren | 8/7/08 8:36 PM
Andrea and Jeff,

Thanks guys!

If you do have any trouble, be sure to let me know.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 8/8/08 5:32 AM
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