DataMgr 2.2 Beta 1

This is the first release of DataMgr wherein I can't take credit for any of the new features. Although this is a beta release, it should be pretty stable as I am running all of my live sites on it.

(What is DataMgr?)

New Features:

  • Automatically Determine Database
  • removeColumn()
  • updateRecords()
  • deleteRecords()

Automatically Determine Database

While attending a presentation, Mark Mandel mentioned that Transfer could automatically determine the database being used from the datasource name. He mentioned that it was easy and didn't take much code.

I thought this was a great feature. I asked Mark if I could use his code to add the feature to DataMgr. He consented and even helped me find the relevant code.

Consequently, the second argument of the "init" method (database) is no longer required. I have to say (with all credit to Mark Mandel) that this is one of my favorite new features in a while.


This was a suggestion from Mark Mazelin to allow a column to be removed from the database using DataMgr. He also suggested a removeTable() method, but I haven't gotten to that yet.


  • tablename: The name of the table from which a field should be removed.
  • field: The name of the field to remove


John Whish recently had a blog entry about his DAO/Gateway hybrid. In it, he has an update() method that allows multiple records to be updated. DataMgr has an updateRecord() method that only updates one record. At first as was skeptical of his approach, but after hearing his perspective on it some more, I was sold - to the extent that I went ahead and added the feature to DataMgr.


  • tablename
  • data_set: structure of data to set
  • data_where: structure indicating which records to update
  • filters: array of filters on which records to update.


This method has actually exists internally (with access="private") for some time. My recent discussion with John Whish, however, has convinced me that it makes sense to make this method public.


  • tablename
  • data: structure of records to delete

A Word on SQL Injection

This isn't a new feature, but given the recent SQL injection attacks, I felt it wise to bring up. DataMgr is inherently safe from these attacks. All variables that are passes to SQL are protected. Although field and table names are dynamic, they are verified to exist before being included in the SQL code. All incoming data is scrubbed first by checking data type and then by using CreateODBCDateTime() or .

The only way queries run from DataMgr can be vulnerable is if you call runSQL() or runSQLArray() directly or if you use the "advsql" argument of getRecords(). In both cases, the vulnerability would still depend on using dynamic values within that data.


DataMgr is open source and free for any use. Download 2.2 Beta 1 from the DataMgr page on my site.

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Great work Steve! I really glad that I could contribute in a very small way to a great project :)
# Posted By John Whish | 7/26/08 9:50 AM
OK... any update docs for these new features? (Or is this just a teaser? LOL)
# Posted By John Farrar | 7/28/08 8:15 AM
John Whish,

I really do appreciate your input. It really helped me see a new perspective. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts in the future.

John Farrar,

The features are working, but no docs outside of the blog entries yet. I will certainly get the docs updated before it goes into full release though.

If you see anything that I haven't explained well, let me know and I will at least blog it.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 7/28/08 9:57 AM
@Steve, you're welcome! I'll be interested to know what DataMgr users think of the updateRecords and deleteRecords methods.
# Posted By John Whish | 7/29/08 1:50 AM
please some updated docs...


I'm losing track on all the new features...
Good Job Steve!
# Posted By sal | 7/30/08 8:46 AM

Yeah, documentation is certainly moving up on my list of priorities...
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 7/30/08 4:29 PM
Great Steve,

good job.

I am becoming datamgr addict

# Posted By Andrea | 8/2/08 12:36 AM

DataMgr is wonderful. I haven't used advanced features of v2.1, or tried anything considered tricky. But DataMgr works in Fusebox very nicely, without having to rewrite the plugin. I can't tell you what a relief that is!
# Posted By Jeff Knooren | 8/7/08 8:36 PM
Andrea and Jeff,

Thanks guys!

If you do have any trouble, be sure to let me know.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 8/8/08 5:32 AM
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