DataMgr 2.2 Release Candidate (with Documentation!)

The last beta of DataMgr 2.2 was released just over a month ago and things seem to have gone smoothly so I am going to release at as release candidate. Assuming that no problems are found with this build, the final version of 2.2 should follow shortly.

(What is DataMgr?)

Improved documentation has been one of the most requested features for DataMgr. DataMgr has actually had documentation since version 1.0, but up until now it has been in MS Word format. I have now seen the folly of this decision and converted the documentation to online documentation. I am sure that this documentation can use plenty of improvement, so please don't hesitate to let me know of any way that you would like to see it improved.

One nice feature of this documentation is that you can go to the change log of the documentation and choose a version to view the documentation for that version. So, if you are using 1.0 (or just want to see the 1.0 documentation), you can go to the change log and click on the "1.0" link to view the documentation for DataMgr 1.0 (of course, I may change how this works later).

The other new feature is that I have now run DataMgr on OpenBD 1.0, so that is now listed as a supported platform.

DataMgr is open source and free for any use. Since this is now a release candidate, it can be downloaded from RIAForge.

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Just a quick note that I am a big fan of DataMgr!
# Posted By joshua cyr | 1/7/09 9:12 AM

DataMgr is a big fan of you as well!

For those that don't know, in addition to all of his other great work (including being the primary creator of Savvy CMS) Joshua has also been very helpful with DataMgr. He has done the vast majority of the work for a major feature that will hopefully be included in the next version of DataMgr.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 1/8/09 10:35 AM
Maybe you could you take a look at a file capitalization problem with datamgr:

# Posted By ziggy | 1/8/09 6:44 PM

The instructions should include the possible values for the second argument of the init method in the proper case.

Even so, DataMgr 2.2 removes the need to include the second argument, which should allow you not to worry about that at all.

That being said, I will look into the ramifications of lower-casing the second part of the file names and using LCase() on that part of the value for DataMgr 2.3.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 1/8/09 8:08 PM
Thanks, I'll pass it along.

Why not just use completely lowercase file names?
# Posted By ziggy | 1/12/09 8:29 PM

I guess I should have. I have always just been careful with case on non-Windows systems. I guess I just like the look of mixed-case, so I take care to be consistent.

It is something to consider for a future version though (if I can do so without risking compatibility issues).
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 1/15/09 9:01 PM
Sweet! Downloading now...
# Posted By Will Spurgeon | 1/18/09 3:09 PM
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