DataMgr 2.2 Alpha 3 (with Oracle support!)

I have gotten several requests for Oracle support in DataMgr. Now it is finally here as part of DataMgr 2.2 Alpha 3.

(What is DataMgr?)

Most of the code for Oracle support was written by Beth Bowden about a year ago whereupon I found a way to screw it up. While Beth was patient with my screw-ups, it was a low priority item until recently when I starting getting requests to support it.

DataMgr also now allows you to use a relation field as a join field in another relation field. This should now allow a relation field to be used any place that a normal field can be used in DataMgr.

One change does potentially threaten a small behavioral difference from previous versions. DataMgr will now report an error for an invalid combination of relation fields. Historically, this would just result in a nonsensical result instead of an error but an error seemed more useful. This does mean, however, that if you are using a custom relation field from another relation field, then the custom relation field would have to have a CF_Datatype attribute in the relation element.

This version also includes several bug fixes to features introduced in the previous two alpha versions of DataMgr 2.2.

As of this version, the list of supported databases is now:

  • Apache Derby
  • MS Access
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostGreSQL

Note that while this is an Alpha release, most of the sites that I maintain are running on this version (on SQL Server or MySQL).

DataMgr is open source and free for any use. Download 2.2 Alpha 3 from the DataMgr page on my site.

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