Pluralizing in ColdFusion

A few (ok, ten) years ago, I needed to generically pluralize English words in ColdFusion. Also, I wanted to be able to reverse that out ("singularize" as it were). This should be a really easy problem: If it ends with an "s" then add "es"; If it ends with a "y" then ditch the "y"; Otherwise just add "s". It turns out, though, that English is delightfully complicated.

So, Pluralizer.

I created it ten years ago, and I've used a fair number of times since. It isn't complicated enough that I've needed to update it much in that time.


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Have you compared the results with other libraries? I use an inflector CFC and I see that some of the logic is different and their module has some additional string functions that may be beneficial.
# Posted By James Moberg | 9/23/20 3:19 PM

Sorry I missed your comment earlier. I haven't compared to other libraries. I didn't even know that one existed. Honestly, I think it looks better than mine. Very nice!
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 10/28/20 9:47 AM
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