DataMgr 2.5 Beta 2

What a fun weekend! We got to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday, I took my girl to a Christmas party, my kids turned 23 months old, and (more relevant to this blog) I finished the second beta of DataMgr 2.5.

(What is DataMgr?)

So, what is new in DataMgr 2.5 Beta 2 (since Beta 1)?

  • Optional "XmlData" argument to "init" method (calls "loadXml" automatically)
  • Filters (and named filters) can now accept CF-style operators (like "GTE" for ">=") as well as SQL-style operators.
  • Optional "truncate" argument to automatically truncate data to fit in database while saving data.
  • Optional "fieldlist" argument to limit the data that can be changed while saving data.
  • New methods to return SQL used internally: getSelectSQL, getFromSQL, getWhereSQL. This is very useful with CF_DMQuery.
  • New "applyListRelations" method (take tablename,query) for post-calculation of list relations for getRecords() - also useful with CF_DMQuery
  • For tables with a simple (single-field) primary keys, the ability to pass a single value into the "data" argument for getRecords() instead of a structure of values.
  • New "isDeletable" calculated field available to "getRecords" determines if each record can be deleted based on "onDelete" property of relation fields.
  • Verifications on record deletions now check deletes that DataMgr would cascade prior to deleting record.
  • New "ftable" attribute (this deserves its own blog entry).
  • Some small MS SQL specific improvements
  • A few very minor bug fixes

Feel free to download DataMgr 2.5 Beta 2 (zip) or use the repository for the Bleeding Edge Release. For the latest full release, use the DataMgr RIAForge page. DataMgr is open source and free for any use.

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Optional "truncate" argument to automatically truncate data to fit in database while saving data. <- Yay :)
# Posted By John Whish | 12/14/10 11:05 AM
Haven't had a chance to go through the whole thing yet (been at the hospital with my girlfriend a few days), but were you able to make changes to accomodate MS SQL's LONGVARCHAR as opposed to TEXT?
# Posted By Sean Ford | 12/14/10 11:26 AM

I think that one was your idea, was it not? I remember when I heard that suggestion, it struck me as something that should have been there for a long time.


I'm sorry I missed that one. I will try to look into that for the next release.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 12/14/10 2:02 PM
Getting this error when trying to see tables in an already created access 2007 db, can't seem to figure out where to change these options to make the datamgr work

Your Access database doesn't have appropriate permissions to use tables without loading them via loadXML().
# Posted By Terry | 3/4/11 4:47 PM

You need to give read permissions for MsysObjects. Last time I looked it was in: "Tools >
Security > User And Group Permissions". I'm given to understand, however, that that might not exist in Access 2007, which might require you to hunt a bit for it.

I don't have Access 2007 or I would look for it myself.

You might try looking at the following as well:
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 3/7/11 11:52 AM
Yeah it took some hunting, but i figured out where it was. usually use mysql, but was just going to test the datamgr out in access for a quick run through on the different functions and what not and play around with it. Wish I'd found this sooner, just finished up building our new cms, and this would of been a handy tool especially for installations with loadXML function. I've incorporated it in over the last couple of days for at least updates and inserts and the installation of tables though. It's a nice piece of work, and makes our cms more db independent, we'd written something similar years back specifically for mysql. I plan on getting complete support built in over the next couple of weeks should cut down quite a bit on length of some of our cfc's.

If anyone is having trouble finding this in Access 2007 BTW:
1.Click the little office icon
2. Select Access Options
3. Select Current Database
4. Click Navigation Options
5. Check Show Hidden Objects, and Show System Objects for each grouping option ok, then ok again
7. Select The Database Tools Tab
8. Click users and permissions
9. select user and group permissions
10. Find the sysobjects tables and give at least read access
# Posted By Terry | 3/7/11 4:39 PM

Thanks for the kind words and for putting up the instructions for MS Access 2007. I'm sure that will be helpful for the next person to run into that issue.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 3/7/11 9:49 PM
Is DATAMGR still under development?

If so, are there any plans to account for MS SQL's LONGVARCHAR as opposed to TEXT?

It's been about a year and I'm revisiting a project I had planned to use DataMgr on, but without this, I'll have to go another route.


# Posted By Sean Ford | 11/29/11 10:14 PM
Yep - just been a bit neglected. I will try to get support for that added and release 2.5 gold (why haven't I done that yet?) soon.

Sorry for taking so long,

# Posted By Steve Bryant | 11/30/11 2:02 PM
Great news.

Here's a little info that may or may not help you...

For now, to work around the 255 character limit of varchar (in DataMgr), I've commented out line 3629 in 2.5 Beta 2 (Build 166). That lets me continue to use VARCHAR(MAX) fields instead of TEXT for now without too many issues.

Also, you should note that VARCHAR(MAX) fields in MSSQL are reported back as VARCHAR(-1) if I do a table dump using DataMgr. That should help you differentiate them in your code.

I'm available to test anything you need if that will help.

Regards, Sean
# Posted By Sean Ford | 11/30/11 2:15 PM
Any news on the matter?
# Posted By Andrea Veggiani | 2/2/12 5:33 AM

I tried to get out a blog entry announcing 2.5 Beta 3 (with Sean's requested feature) yesterday, but client stuff kept me from it. Hopefully I will get to that soon.

In the meantime, DataMgr is on GitHub now and the code for that release is available there.

Sorry this has taken me so long.
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 2/2/12 8:57 AM
# Posted By Steve Bryant | 2/2/12 2:05 PM
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